Monday, June 14, 2010

Last Weekend

We went for a walk.  These are some of the flowers still hanging in there.

Double click that second picture, the one with the yellow flowers, and take a look at it bigger.  See the spider?  I took a ton of pictures of those flowers, and never knew he was there until I got home and put the pictures on my computer.  

It was quite a warm day, so while I was taking pictures of flowers, Brandon and Elora found a shady spot at the edge of a field.  We took a few pics there, and kept going.

The sun was really intense.  Elora and I were both slathered in sunscreen, of course, but I could still feel my skin cooking.  We kept to the shade as much as possible.

We stopped several times along the way, to let Elora explore, and to snap pictures.  We walked to the top of the hill overlooking our town, and then turned back.  That's our little town in the background behind Elora.  It was a good afternoon, why don't we do that more often?


  1. A lovely walk and nice memories! That girl is so cute!

  2. I love taking a walk with my family:) Love the pictures. not the spider!love elora:)

  3. The simple pleasures are often the greatest!

  4. Yeah, it kind of creeped me out when I realized he'd been there the whole time. I have a bad history with spiders.

  5. Ha! That's funny about the spider. I didn't see it until I enlarged it. Looks like a lovely day! And why don't you do it more often? Because June is almost over and it's still flippin cold!

  6. I promise to be a better reader by commenting a lot more. Sometimes I have dorky things to say though, so I get comment shy lol!

    Anyhow, the purple flowers are my favorite. Or are they considered blue? I never understand that when I see a purple flower that 'they' call blue. Purple reminds me of my Aunt Windy (grandma's twin sister) who died my senior year of college.

    I'm sure you've enjoyed the beautiful flowers over there. That'll be one of the things you miss when you leave.

  7. Thanks, Rachel. I'll have to make sure to post tonight, to keep up my end of the bargain. ^_^

    I guess you could call the flowers in the top picture either blue or purple, but the one in the 5th pic is definitely purple. I have enjoyed the flowers here, I just wish they were around for more of the year!