Monday, October 25, 2010

Getting Settled

Or, well, we're trying to anyway.  Our household goods will not be delivered until Friday and we have no idea when the long term storage stuff will get here, so we're currently sleeping on an air mattress and living out of our suitcases.  BUT, we have a brand new washer and dryer (delivered Friday) so we can do our laundry right here at home.  And, we got a new dining set and a whole new living room set (delivered Saturday) so we have couches to sit on and a dining table to eat at.  I bought towels so we can shower; basic food stuffs so we can eat; disposable plates, cups and silverware so we have something to eat off of; and the sundry soaps and cleaning supplies so we can stay tidy.  Verizon came out on Saturday and hooked up our internet, cable, and telephone.  Of course, we won't have a TV to go with that cable until Friday, and I have no idea when the phones will get here, but the internet is AMAZING.  Hooray! Here are a few pictures of the house, and our new furniture:  

I'll post more pics of the rest of the house later this week. Brandon's budgeting program has gone into cardiac arrest with all the money we've spent since we got here, but it's worth it.  We have a lot of other ideas in mind--such as putting up a fence and replacing the cabinetry in the kitchen-- but we will be spacing those purchases out.

Today is Brandon's first day of work here in Virginia.  I hope it goes well!  After all, he will be working there for the next 3 years, so it wouldn't do for him to start off on the wrong foot.  Elora didn't want to let him leave this morning.  We've both gotten used to him being home with us, so it'll be another adjustment now that he's actually got to go to work every day again.  It'll be very good, though, to get back into a predictable daily routine.

All three of us have gotten sick since we got here.  Elora came down with it first, at the end of last week.  I got the sore throat on Saturday, and Brandon got it on Sunday.  I think I have it the worst.  Brandon and Elora are both stuffy and are feeling pretty crappy, but I've got the nasty sounding cough to go with it.  It'll pass.  I'm just hoping it does so before the movers show up on Friday.

My friend Rebekah continues to be a a great help.  She's been running around with me, keeping us company, and helping me to learn my way around the area.  She's going to come over and spend the day with us on Friday, to be an extra pair of eyes and hands, especially with respect to keeping Elora occupied while we're trying to get everything moved in.  Elora is loving her "Aunt Bekah"!  Han is still staying with her, too.  She waves it all off, especially the cat sitting part.  Han is keeping her kitty company, and both cats seem to be enjoying the situation.

These are a few more pictures that I snapped in the apartment before we left Germany, and they are just too cute not to share.  I especially like the last one.  :)


  1. Love seeing your new place, I can't wait to see what you do with it!
    I think I would scratch the air mattress and sleep on that comfy couch. Good luck with the moving in!

  2. HEY! Love your new place! So glad you have someone to help! Keep posting so we can see your house and that gorgeous girl!

  3. Looks lovely! Nice furniture choices. I love that rug! It reminds me of some voile we have in the store. Elora is so cute! Glad you're getting your stuff soon and getting settled!

  4. Gotta love getting new furniture!! Or new anything...

    I'm so happy for you 3 on getting a house! How exciting!!! And happy your funirture will be here soon.

    Kiss that baby for me!

  5. Love the new furniture. It is Soooo fun to decorate and buy new things for a new home :) I LOOOOOOOOOVE Elora's pictures. She has gotten sooo big. The pig tails look adorable on her.