Monday, October 4, 2010

Our Mini Apartment

Now that I finally have my camera batteries charged, and Faith's jewelry ready to go, I can post the promised pictures of our current home.  It's a simple little apartment, and it isn't what we would choose for ourselves for the long term, but it is so, so much better than staying this long in a hotel room!  

There's more to it than this, but these are the main rooms.  There is a second floor (you can see the railing in the pic in the upper left, above) but it's just another bed, and another table, so we don't use it all that much.  If it were all one level, we would put Elora in the second bedroom, but as it is, it's more practical to put her bed in the room with us.  We put all of the cat's things down there, and it's working out well. We keep a big chair in front of the stairs to keep Miss Elora from taking a tumble.  There's also a kitchen and a bathroom on the main floor.  It has been so nice to eat things other than fast food and take-out!  Hooray for short-term-lease apartments!

We've not been doing much of anything exciting.  There's been a lot of TV-watching, computer-playing, book-reading, and nap-taking.  And of course, a lot of playing with Elora.

This child loves her books, I tell you.

This enterprising fellow came in the bathroom window a few nights ago in an effort to find someplace warm, got stuck in the bath tub, and ended up flushed down the toilet for his troubles.  I felt kind of bad for him, but we couldn't just leave him to run around and bite people.  Especially not Elora.  Still, since he was stuck in the tub, it provided us an opportunity to take as many pictures as we wanted without worrying that he might get one of us.  He was fascinating, if creepy-crawly.


  1. Apartment good. Elora good. Spider baaaaaad. :)

  2. Elora is so cute!

    ...the spider?
    Um...yeah....we have those down here in Nowheresville, TX too!