Tuesday, October 19, 2010

We're Buying a House!!

We'd intended to rent, but when we got here, we found out that they'd extended the first time home buyer's tax credit for military service members who have been stationed overseas--and we qualify!  Couple that with the 50 year low on interest rates, and we decided that it was worth it to at least look into buying.  There were 2 houses that we really liked, but one of them was in a less than ideal location and so we settled on this one:

It doesn't look like a whole lot from the outside, but the interior is gorgeous!  It's got 3 bedrooms, 2 full baths, a large breakfast nook/dining area, a dining room that we will use as a den, a living room with a fire place, a 1 car garage deep enough for both the bike and the car, and a cute little back yard.  It was built in 1984, but it was just renovated, and all the appliances are brand-spanking new. (We will need to get a washer and dryer, though, and the back yard needs a fence.)  The nice long driveway means that parking for visitors won't be an issue.  The neighborhood is great, the location is nothing short of phenomenal--AND, if we end up staying for more than the next 3 years, the schools in the area are top-notch.  Did I mention that we will be able to get FiOS? Happy dance!

The sellers have accepted our offer, we've been approved for the home loan, and we've already signed all the preliminary paper work.  The inspection is tomorrow--if that goes well, we will be taking possession of the house on Friday!  YAY!



  1. WOW! How exciting! Congrats! But the most important question... does it have a craft room? ;)

  2. The third bedroom will be a guest room/craft room. :)

  3. CONGRATULATIONS!!that is wonderful news. Can't wait to see more pictures once you have settled in.