Sunday, October 17, 2010


We made it!!  We got into Norfolk at about 9 on Friday night, and my friend Rebekah came with her husband to meet us at the airport.  We stayed that night with her, and then checked into a hotel yesterday evening.  There are lots of exciting things happening... we got our new cell phones yesterday, and even better, we just happened to meet a real estate agent while we were at the mall. and we have a date this afternoon to go looking at houses!  We were leaning toward renting, but when we learned that they'd extended the home buyer's tax-credit for military personnel who have been stationed overseas, we thought it might be a good idea to go ahead and at least look into buying.  Interest rates are at a 50 year low, after all, so why not? Who knows what we might find!?

I made this little hat for Elora a few days before we left Germany.  She didn't like it at first, but when it was cold, she actually kept it on.  Yay!

Less cool?  This is the mess she made with the rest of my yarn.

I've now got it straightened out and made into a matching scarf, but I haven't photographed it yet.  I'll post pics of the set once it cools off enough here for her to need them.  :)


  1. haha, Silas wouldn't keep hats on until I let him see himself in the mirror, now he wants to put hats on just to see how they look... then he gets over heated because he doesn't want to take them off! Here's to little kids an their strong wills!!!

  2. Hi. I regularly visit your blog.
    Your story makes me fun and I can't wait the next update!
    I'll write soon.