Friday, February 25, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me!!! and A New Digi LO

Tuesday was my birthday, but I've been having a whole birthday season.  I've been getting cards and packages in the mail all month, and even though some of it has been for the baby, it still feels like it's for me.  :)  We got the car seat last week, the stroller came Wednesday, and the dresser should be here today.  I got a giant box containing a super soft, super cozy, pale green blanket for our bed and some new towels to match my newly painted bathroom from my wonderful mother-in-law last Friday, I got the box of Girl Scout Cookies I ordered from my cousin's daughter on my birthday, we ordered my new glasses (and dropped my wedding ring off to be repaired) on Wednesday, and the box from my mom got here yesterday.  

On my birthday, Brandon came home from work early because I had another OB check.  Usually, he stays home with Elora but this time they came with me to keep me company.  On the way back, we stopped by Lowe's to try to exchange the broken fan, and even though we had no box or receipt (it was purchased by the guy who remodeled the house, shortly before we bought it from him), they swapped out the motor unit for us and sent us on our way.  How's that for great customer service?  When we got home, Rebekah came over and brought me a slice of my favorite cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory, and stayed here with Elora so Brandon could take me out for a romantic dinner.  He'd found a restaurant with incredible reviews only a few minutes from the house, so we tried that.  The reviews were spot-on; Passion is a very elegant little restaurant with a decadent menu and superb service.  It's too pricey to be a regular haunt, but it's perfect for a special night out. We were stuffed after dinner, but he still took me to Applebee's for their brownie-a-la-mode; it's my current favorite, and it's perfect for sharing with someone. 

Oh, my, word.  Can we say spoiled???  Thank you to everyone who contributed to spoiling me, I love you!

I just did this today.  I have 2 more LO's in mind that I want to do, and my goal is to do them before my little one arrives.   My countdown says that I have 15 days; she's the only one who knows what her countdown is at.  :)


  1. So glad you had a lovely birthday! Keep resting up for this new girl. Can't believe it is almost time for you! Time flies, for me at least.

  2. Happy Birthday! I'm so excited about the baby coming!

  3. oh sounds like a fun time! Love birthdays... except the getting older part!