Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Less Than 5 Weeks to Go

I went yesterday for an OB check and an ultrasound, and I thought that since I have pictures to share, that I would do a baby post.   I'm down to just 4 weeks and 4 days until my due date, and I'm feeling it.  My belly is so big that I only have a few maternity shirts that still cover it completely, and I can't wear any of the full-panel maternity pants because none of them come up high enough; the top of the bands cut across my belly, which is not only uncomfortable, it makes me look like I have a giant fat roll under my breasts.  Not cool.  But I've only gained 28 pounds, so that's good.  It's all right out front, in my belly.   I've also gotten to the point that back pain is becoming an issue.  I've actually had very little back pain this time around, I think because I haven't been working and I've been able to rest more than I did last time.  My belly is big enough now, though, that even resting during the day isn't enough to keep it at bay.  I'm spending most evenings with a heat pack strapped to my back, and I usually end up curled on the couch with a pillow under my belly.

Little Miss is doing just great.  Her heart beat is always strong and regular at our check ups, and I feel her moving around in there all the time.  She's not keeping to small squirming movements anymore, either.  She does a lot of stretching and rolling and kicking.  Or maybe that's what she's always done, I just couldn't feel it because she just hadn't gotten big enough yet.  According to the ultrasound measurements, she's up to 5 lbs, 13 oz, which puts her in the 50th percentile for size--smack dab in the middle of average.  (Apparently, I'm the only one who is ridiculously big.)  This is very good news, because there was some concern that she wouldn't grow as quickly as she ought, due to the trouble that we had early in the pregnancy.  They also checked to see that the placenta is still fully attached, which was another potential concern.  Everything was just as it should be there, too. Oh, and her head is down.  I'd been wondering about that.  So long as she keeps her head down, and doesn't try anything crazy in the next 4 weeks or so, then I should be able to have a normal delivery this time.

It was really neat to see the ultrasound.  We haven't had as many this time as we did with Elora, and I hadn't realized how much I'd missed seeing my baby.  Along with everything else, we confirmed that she is definitely a "she", so we shouldn't have any surprises there.  Even better was that the tech doing the ultrasound decided to play around with the 3-D imaging, to try to get me a good image of her face.  There was some stuff floating in front of her face so we weren't able to get any really clear shots, but come on, this picture is awesome!  It is sooooooooo cool what they can do with technology these days.  :)

We're down to the home stretch now.  We'll be going back for check ups once a week from here on out.  It seems like a lot, but it's really only 4 more visits, 5 if she's late.  On the one hand, I feel like it's going to be an eternity.  But on the other...  We still need to get all our ducks in a row, and I'm suddenly feeling like we're running out of time.  Hm, I think it's time to make myself a major to-do list, and get busy...


Pictures from our walk today.  The geese came over to say hi.  :)


  1. Hello! I'm writting from Spain. I found this blog searching another page and I saw this post.

    I only want to send blessings to the new life that is inside you, and I wish for you the best child, loveliest, 150% healthy and plenty of good moments with you.

    Have a nice weekend!


  2. That is great! I LOVE the 3D pic that is so neat. I can't believe you are so close to your due date already! Time flys! Good luck getting everything done!

  3. Wowza! that's quite a belly, so cool. Oh man... tiny baby in the house again soon... are you feeling ready? So exciting!

  4. wow, Adrienne, you are huge! But you look fantastic! Have you mentioned names in any post? I don't remember....