Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Perfect Recipe

 Apparently, the perfect recipe for a good lunch and an easy nap time is to go for a walk right before lunch.  Not the kind of walk where I strap her in to the stroller and wheel her around the neighborhood, but the kind where she does her own walking.  

We don't go too far, just around the block, but it takes us almost an hour to make the circuit.  I guess it works up an appetite, and wears her out enough that she falls asleep quickly when she gets done eating.  Brandon made this particular discovery 2 weekends ago, and further testing of the theory has shown the same results.


She pushes her baby in her little pink stroller, and she stops every few feet to pick things up and examine them.  I love it.  She picked up these two seed pods, held up the little one and said "Mama", and then held up the big one and said "Daddy", and then she put them together and handed them to me.   :)

She also likes to point out all the animals we see, and tell me what they say.  Can you find the bird in this picture?

I have no idea what these flowers are thinking, blooming like this in the middle of winter, but I like it.  I'm ready for spring too.  We're supposed to get snow later this week.  I wonder how they'll do.


  1. That's a lovely way to spend an hour.
    I love the age of discovery!

  2. That's awesome! I wish I could figure out a way to wear micah out-- especially if it involved me getting exercise!