Thursday, March 17, 2011

In the Postpartum Ward

They got us moved over to the Postpartum ward around 10 or so, and Rebekah got there with Elora round 1.  (The intervening time was spent with my new nurse, getting the run down on what to expect, and getting lunch.)  I wish I had a picture of Elora as she was first walking in.  She had a bouquet of roses clutched in one hand, a bunch of balloons in the other, and she had a huge smile on her face as she said "Mama!!!!!"  It was so sweet I almost couldn't stand it.  But if my head (or my heart) were going to explode from over-exposure to extreme cuteness, the hospital would be a good place for it, right?

Elora was immediately taken with her baby sister.  She wanted to touch her, and kiss her, and identify all the parts of her face.  Then we let her "hold" Kaylie, with lots of help from me. After that, that's all she wanted to do.   She kept holding out her arms and saying "Hold it!" (She's now learned to say "hold her".)

The three of them stayed until 7 or 8 that evening, and then they had to leave.   Both Bran and Rebekah had to work on Friday, and while Brandon could have stayed with me, Elora could not.  I'd expected to spend the night catching up on rest, but that just didn't happen.  Between feeding Kaylie, and the endless parade of doctors and nurses throughout the night, I didn't sleep much.  Fortunately, though, I did get to sleep in the morning.

 Brandon didn't fare much better at home.  Elora didn't sleep well, and so neither did he.  He told me that she woke up screaming for me in the middle of the night, and pulled him from room to room in the house looking for me.  (It made me feel warm and fuzzy that she missed me, and terrible that she was so upset, all at the same time.)  Then they --yes, they-- were up at 5, getting ready for work.  Brandon had a few things to wrap up in the class that he was taking, and in the absence of someone to keep Elora, he had little choice but to take her with him.  He did what he needed to quickly, then headed home to change out of his uniform and to wait for the morning traffic to die down before coming back to the hospital.

He and Elora got there shortly before 11, and spent the entire day with me.  I was excited for them to get there-- not only because I'd missed them, but also because I finally got to take a shower once Bran was there to keep an eye on Kaylie.  I always fell better after a shower, but I don't think that I have ever felt so refreshed and rejuvenated by a shower as I did that day.  (Except, perhaps, my first shower after Elora was born.)

Elora was so good!  It's hard enough for an adult to be stuck in a hospital room for hours, let alone a (nearly) 2 year old.  She played with "my" balloons, she watched the little mini TV, she teased to hold Kaylie.  Late in the afternoon, Kaylie took a nice long nap in her bassinet, Brandon fell asleep on the pull-out cot, and Elora climbed up on the bed with me and fell asleep drinking her juice.  I was the last one to fall asleep, but it gave me a chance to look around at my family and enjoy the moment.  I think it's one of those that I will treasure for a long time to come.

Rebekah and Josh came by Friday evening to visit for a bit, and they took Elora with them so that Brandon could stay with me that night.  I was worried about Elora being without us again, but it was wonderful to have Brandon with me all night.  We fell asleep that night curled up together, and I can't tell you how nice it was to be able to snuggle up to him without my giant belly in the way.  I think it did the both of us good to be able to just hold one another for a while.  And, as it turned out, Elora and Rebekah were fine.


  1. So sweet! A good start to your life as a family of four!

  2. Congratulations Adrienne! Your daughters are both so beautiful and you look great! Thanks so much for mentioning my Japan necklaces too!

  3. Selamat bergemira dengan datangnya anggota keluarga baru,,,semoga tambah juga kebahagiaanya.