Friday, March 4, 2011

Things Are Happening!

As of Wednesday afternoon, I was 3cm dilated and the doctor said she could feel the baby's head in place.  Since then, I've been having periodic contractions, and a whole host of "early labor" symptoms, but no signs of active labor.  It feels like I must be getting close, but that could just be because I'm getting antsy.

Really antsy.  I've packed my bag for the hospital, packed a little diaper bag for the baby, done the laundry, changed our sheets, re-read the labor & delivery section of What to Expect, resisted the urge to clean the floors, and done a lot of resting.  Tomorrow, if I'm still waiting for active labor to kick in, we're going to the Commissary to stock the pantry and freezer.  (Otherwise, Brandon will go on his own.  I know we should have done that before I got to this point, but this kind of sneaked up on us.  After all, I'm not due until next weekend, and this is our regular stock-up-at-the-Commissary weekend.)

Anyway, chances are very good that we will come out of this weekend with a baby.  We haven't chosen her name yet, so we will be announcing that along with her birth.  All love, luck, prayers and blessings sent our way will be welcomed!