Monday, March 7, 2011

My Last Pre-Baby Post??

 So much for coming out of the weekend with a baby.  I'm still pregnant and still antsy, but all I can do is wait.  I have my last (!) prenatal check up tomorrow afternoon, and since the doc made it clear last time that I need to deliver before my due date, I know that we'll be scheduling an induction at that time.  They may even want to get me checked in right then and there, so I'm going to bring my bag just in case.

Unless I go into active labor on my own before then.  But, since I've been in latent (and sometimes false) labor for the better part of a week, with no signs of progressing any further, I'm not going to hold my breath.  Either way, though, my next post should be filled with pictures of the new baby Gager, with her name featured in the title.   (No promises on how soon that'll be, you might have to be patient.)

***March 8 Update:   As of this afternoon, I've dilated to nearly 4cm, and the doc is optimistic that things will progress on their own. If they don't, and I haven't gone into active labor by about midday tomorrow, he said to come back and check into Labor and Delivery, and they will help to movie things along.  So it looks like one way or another, I'll be having this baby in the next day or so.***

The delay, though, has given us time to get the nursery done!  (Well, for now, anyway.  I have a few things in mind for down the road, but I always have a few things in mind.  I'm just excited to have gotten done everything I wanted to before Elora's roommate arrives.)  Here is 360° around the room, starting at the closet and working around to the left.

There are still some pretty glaring bare spots on the walls; we'll fill those in as time goes on. The wood toy box (made by my grandfather) is full of stuffed animals and baby dolls.

The dresser I picked out got here on Tuesday, and Brandon got it put together that night.  It matches the crib perfectly!  (I was a little worried, since I'd ordered it online.).  I do wish that I'd spent the extra $40 and gotten the 5 drawer dresser, but this one is working out fine.  He put those white shelves up for me last night, and I finished getting all the knick-knacks situated this morning.

Eventually, I'd like to replace the changing table with one that matches the crib and dresser.  This one is pretty beat up, but for now, it serves the purpose.  I'm hoping to get to a pottery shop shortly after the baby gets here to get a plate made with her foot print, to join the lonely-looking plate and canvas up above it.  The bottom shelf is now home to the 2 canvas toy bins: one for Elora's toys, and one for the baby's. 

This is the corner that still needs its second coat of paint.  We'll get to that, one of these days.  The growth chart was in the latest box of goodies from Gigi, too cute!  I had to hang it right away, and then get Elora's first measurement (just over 32") on there.

This book toy shelf will probably end up out in the hallway, right outside her door.  We have some more things coming up from Florida, and we're definitely going to need to shift some things around to make room.


  1. Can't wait to see pictures of the new baby! I hope you have a quick delivery!

  2. The room is very cute.


    Hope all is well.