Saturday, March 19, 2011


Our goal was to get out of the hospital sometime Saturday morning, and we made it---but just barely.  Kaylie's discharge came through with out any trouble, and if it had been just her, we would have gotten out of there a lot earlier.  They hemmed and hawed a bit about letting me go, but in the end they told me to just make a follow up appointment and sent us on our way.

Kaylie's discharge weight was 7lbs 4oz.  It surprised me that her weight had dropped so much, but she's steadily gaining it back.  (I took her for a weight check on Monday morning, and she was already back up to 7lbs 8oz.  She has another one this Monday, to make sure she's still gaining like she should be.)  She looks so teeny tiny in her car seat; it's hard to remember Elora being dwarfed like this.

When we got home with Kaylie, Elora came running to greet us at the door.  Or, more specifically, she came running to greet her baby sister.

I had no idea that Brandon had gotten all that on video with his phone until later, but I am so glad that he did!  I look terrible--please pay no attention to me in the video.  But I had to share it, it's just too sweet not to.

helping Daddy play Fable II

Since then, we've just been lazing about, getting to know one another and adjusting to the changes in our family.  Brandon is on paternity leave until next Friday, which has been wonderful.  He's gone out of his way to spend time with Elora, making sure that her needs are met and that she hasn't felt left out so that I have been able to rest and focus on Kaylie.  We trade off when we can, but resting and nursing has taken up most of my time. 

Elora seems to be adjusting well, so far.  We were told to expect a "honeymoon period" of about two weeks before Elora starts to get bored and jealous.  We're about halfway through that time now; I wonder how it will go?


  1. that video is SO adorable! What an awesome moment to have! Your girls are too cute!

  2. Oh my CONGRATULATIONS are in order She is adorable!!! Elora is so sweet, she is going to be a great big sister. This video had me all teared up. So you can cry all your want to, your babies are adorable :)