Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Stay-Cation: Brave

Sunday, we didn't go anywhere.  Rebekah came over for the afternoon, we hung out, played with the kids, and I got some sewing done.  Monday, I took the girls to see Brave, and it was amazing!  

I would highly recommend it to everyone!  It was definitely a break from what Pixar has done in the past, but they did not let us down.  There are a few parts that are a bit intense, for small children...if you're thinking of taking your wee ones, but worried about whether it's appropriate, this review is spot-on.

I love kids' movies.  It's possible that I like kids' movies better than I like grown-up movies.  Disney is bringing The Little Mermaid and Finding Nemo back to theaters to show them in 3D, which is pretty cool.  And did you know, Pixar is putting out a Monsters, Inc. prequel?  It's called Monsters University, and it's supposed to be released next summer.  I'll certainly be taking the girls to see that one...Ooh, and there's a Despicable Me sequel coming out around the same time...I'm so excited that I have children to take to the theater!

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