Sunday, June 24, 2012

Stay-Cation: Pool Day

We're not going to the farm in Alabama for the Fourth, like we have the past few years, so we're having a "stay-cation", a little mini vacation, right here at home.  We went on Wednesday to paint pottery, but I forgot to get pictures.  Thursday, we went to the pool at Aunt Bekah's, and I took a ton of pictures!  We got there early,  to avoid the heat, but we didn't realize that the pool didn't even open until 10.  We spent the hour or so waiting in the club house, putting on sunscreen and such.

Kaylie was totally fascinated by that crane.
Elora just could not wait to get in the pool.  She's not very comfortable in the water, though, and she hates to get her face r hair wet, so as soon as she was in, she was scrambling to get out.  She spent the rest of the time playing right next to the pool, or right on the steps. 

Kaylie loved her little floating cabana--at first.  She splashed and giggled and played.

She threw her sunglasses in the water. (Because simply taking them off wasn't good enough.)

Then she decided to get herself out of it, and nearly gave me heart failure in the process.  She is my little daredevil child.  She wasn't at all afraid of the water!  
Rebekah and James sat in the shade and kept us company, and helped keep an eye on the girls.

Especially Kaylie.  

About half way through the morning, a few other families with children came out to the pool, and invited the girls to play with them.  They shared their toys, and Elora was really good about taking turns.

We packed up at about 11:30, and headed to Sonic for some limeade and a picnic lunch.  It was a good day.


  1. Love staycations! We prefer staying close to home when using vacation time. It's so stressful with kids to travel. Plus, you need a few days to get back to normal once returning home.

    Ps- you look dang good

  2. It's fun, and definitely less stressful--and less expensive!

    Ps- Thanks!! :)