Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Frustrations & Resolutions

After going to the exchange to (finally!) order our new headboard and bed frame, Bran and I went to Ikea to look at a bed for guest use. I already had two in mind, so once we made our way to the beds display, it was easy enough to find what I was looking for. WE have only two places where we could put an extra bed, with out rearranging the whole house: in the room next to ours, which I have already claimed as the nursery, or in my craft room upstairs. I had originally thought to put a twin size bed in the nursery, but quickly realized that the room is just too small. So I decided that we could incorporate it into my craft room. There is room, after all, so why not?

Well, Brandon did not want a bed upstairs. What if he wants to stay up late on the computer in the next room, when there are guests here? And the refrigerator where we store beverages is in this room too. What if he wants a drink? And then, conversely, what if the guest sleeps really late the next day? No, no. No bed upstairs. We need to put it downstairs. I mean, why do we need a nursery again?

That last just dumbfounded me. We need a nursery. As we went round and round, I explained why with increasing detail. And why is it such a problem to put a bed upstairs? After all, when we have guests, they will be here for only a week or two at a time. Would it really be such a hardship to change your routine to accomodate them for the short time that they will be with us? Especially after they have come all this way just to see us? And it's not even the Mannex I'm suggesting...I'm offering up my craft room!

We must have sat in one of the displays in the store for 20 minutes, going over this same arguments and getting no where. It was only a reconaissance mission anyway, so we finally just headed home. We had done exactly what we had set out to do, but I was feeling so frustrated that it felt like we hadn't done anything at all. We don't often disagree like that, over important things like this. Neither of us was angry, just frustrated at the impasse. He apologized to me several times over the course of the evening, for disagreeing with me. It was sweet, but it didn't get us anywhere. Finally, as we were getting ready for bed, it occured to me that he'd definitely won our last argument (the litterbox saga) and why couldn't he just let me have this one? So I said as much when he came into the room, half joking and fully expecting him to just laugh. But he smiled, and said, "Ok."

"Really?" I said. I was completely unbalanced for a moment. I hadn't expected him to capitulate so easily. And then he went on, saying "Yeah, you were right to begin with. It will be only temporary and it's not that big a deal." And just like that, we had our resolution. The only remaining question is... Does anyone have a truck?


  1. Sorry no truck! You can rent one, that's what we had to do....

  2. we have never had to rent a truck for beds, shrunks or shelves when going to Ikea. Everything fits in the trunk with the seats down so maybe with you too. try it. Or at least measure first. You maybe can't buy all of the stuff in one trip but you'd be amazed at what you can get in your car.