Saturday, July 31, 2010

Time to Get a Move-On

I've completely run out of vacation-picture-posting steam.  I took hundreds of photos, and I just got tired of wading through them, trying to pick out my favorites.  There are a few, though, that I have to post, like this one of my Gramma Honey.

It's just her, perfectly and to a T.  And the cute little hat she's wearing?  She made it this summer, working on this little gem.

I used the Coffee Shop Butterscotch Vintage and Vignette actions on this photo.

Now, I'm no expert on antique sewing machines, but if I were a bettin' woman, I'd put money on that thing being at least as old as my Daddy, and these were taken on his 59th birthday.  Come to think of it, I need to photograph my mother's and my maternal grandmother's sewing machines as well. Gramma Short's, and I think my mom's too, would be contemporary with this one.

Me, Daddy, Gramma, Alanna
Elora, Veronica

But anyway, I digress.  While we were there, Brandon was kind enough to take a generations picture for us.  It was interesting, trying to get the two girls to behave for the picture, but I think this one is pretty good.  I've decided to start taking these pictures every chance I get, because I have a feeling there won't be many more chances left.  Then again, my grandmother is just stubborn enough to outlive us all.

My friend Sara, who has been my best friend since second grade and is really more of a sister than anything else, was there as well.  She lives in California, and it just happened that we were both in Florida at the same time, and over my dad''s birthday too.  So, Elora finally got to meet her Aunt Sara.  And, since Sara will be here to visit in a little less that a week, you will probably definitely be seeing more of her here.

Monica, Gramma, Momma
Alanna, Merryn, me
Veronica, Cecelia, Elora

When we left my dad's house that day, we went over to my Gramma Short's house to visit there.  We had all the girls together, for once, and we got the last generations shot I'd wanted this trip, with Sara playing photographer for us.  Yay!
We've not been back in Germany for very long, but I'm already ready to go home again.  This is a good thing, because Brandon's orders finally, finally came in and we can start making the plans and arrangements for our PCS.  We're hoping to be out of the house by the end of August, and back in the States in the first part of September.  We have a lot to get done, though, so cross your fingers that it all goes smoothly for us!


  1. YAY for orders!!! Finally!! Maybe you'll even make it back in time for Greg's wedding on the 18th... That would be cool. Any ideas for how long you'll be hanging out in FL before heading up to VA?


  2. I never take enough family photos! Good for you that you are doing it. So glad you finally got your orders.

  3. Oh you finally got orders! I know that's a relief for you guys. We'll miss you though!

  4. Love the photos and aweseom on the orders!