Thursday, July 22, 2010

US Vacation: Alabama

We got a late start out of Tallahassee but we still made it to Alabama by around 5.  I've already posted some of the pictures from the Alabama leg of our trip, but there are a ton more.

Everyone knew we were coming except Brandon's grandmother.  As I was getting out of the car, I heard her say "Is that Brandon Todd?" and I had to smile.

We spent almost all of our time at the farm.  That first evening was spent just catching up, and relaxing.

The next day, the guys got to work building a chicken coop and pen for Mommom's chickens.  She had 8 or 9 chickens corralled in a relatively small space, and since she want's to grow her flock (?) to about 40, she needed a bigger pen.

So Brandon, Jamie, Matt, John, Paul, and Uncle Stan fiddled with the John Deere and the augur attachment until they got them working, and then they all got to work.

Stan drove the John Deere, while Brandon kept an eye on the augur and what it was doing, making sure it stayed clear of debris and such.

The other guys got the posts ready, and then got them into the holes that Brandon and Stan made.  Paul pitched in where he could, but he'd sprained his wrist and was limited in what he could do.

While the guys worked, and I played event photographer, everyone else shot the breeze until time to put lunch together.

Then Staria, Mommom, and Dawn started getting the burgers together for lunch.

When we weren't at the farm, we were either at Mommom's house (of blueberry-picking and cake-baking fame), or at Uncle Todd's.  I only went over to Todd's a few times, because I'm just not a party-er and Todd's is the party place.  The man has a full bar in his basement, complete with big screen TV, Karaoke equipment, electric guitar hookups, poker table and pool table.  I mostly stayed at Mommom's with Elora and went to bed early, because I'm lame I'm a good Mama and cigarette smoke + baby isn't good.  I did go over there twice, while Staria stayed with Elora, so I got some pics of that action as well.


Oh man, I think this one is even longer than the last one.  Again, there are a ton more, but I'll spare you.  If you want to see them, feel free to check out my vacation albums on Facebook. (As of this posting, I am still working on getting them all up.)  I'll do one more vacation post, on our second stay in Florida, and then it's on to my most recent creations.  :)

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