Saturday, July 17, 2010

US Vacation: Florida (Part I)

Mom and Wade had a party at their house the the very night we got there to celebrate 3 birthdays all at once: Brandon (June 25); my sister, Alanna (June 30); and her daughter, Veronica (July 3).  Of course, it was decorated for a little girl's birthday, and for all intents and purposes, it was her party.  It worked out really well, because at that point we weren't sure that we would make it back to Florida and it allowed us to connect with a large part of that side of the family all at once.

The next few days were pretty random.  I did go to see my dad and my grandmother, but like a dunce, I forgot to take the camera with me.  (Oh, I was mad about that, let me just tell you!)  I also spent quite a bit of time with my maternal grandmother, my cousin, and my aunt, as well as with Brandon's family.

Gramma Short is doing so much better, especially now that she's home.

Aunt Monica has lost more than 35 pounds recently--she looks fantastic!

Four generations of women.

Elora was "playing" Wii with the guys.

Then we went to Tallahassee to meet up with James and Carrie.  Matt rode up with us.

I bet you can't tell they're brothers, can you?

More from Alabama later.


  1. Looks like fun! Tiring but fun! I hope you are feeling better and getting over the jetlag/exhaustion!

  2. I'm so glad your grandma is doing better AND that you got to see her :-)

    yay aunt Monica for 35 pounds! That's tough work!

    I can't believe that Matt Mcinnis looks the same as he did in middle school lol!

    And wow James and my brother are having a "who can have the most hair" competition I believe....

    LOVE IT!