Saturday, May 19, 2012

Potty Chart

Elora is back to being uninterested in potty training, so I spent more than an hour making this....

only to realize that my printer can't handle paper any wider than 8.5".  So then I made this.  

At least making the first one wasn't a complete waste of time...and maybe I'll order a print, and have it laminated so it can be used repeatedly.  I covered this one with clear contact paper, so this one is re-usable too.  Too bad that she isn't filling in those blocks.  I even have these to use as an incentive, courtesy of Gigi:

She wants them, but apparently, she doesn't want them bad enough.  Or maybe she's not getting that she has to use the potty every day for a week to earn them? (Elmo is her reward for #1, Big Bird is for #2.)  She tinkled in the potty once (see Tuesday on the chart?) and wanted me to hand over the Elmo puppet.
We'll get there.  Right?

Update: 5 minutes after writing this post, she asked to use the potty. :)


  1. Very cute. I did the same type of thing with Jess... it was slow going but she got there.

  2. The chart is cute! Just stick with it even when you get bored or tired and shell get there

  3. Thanks mom! Maybe it should be a my little pony instead? What about having her pick the toy that is the incentive?
    Office stores (like office depot, staples) have print centers you just walk in with your memory stick and can usually walk out in a few minutes with what ever you need printed - and laminated- for relatively cheap. I just had stuff done for isabella's room... need to get it hung so I can blog it!