Tuesday, May 22, 2012

We Went to a Party!

We went to Sydney's birthday party this past weekend.  Sydney's parties are the best.  Last year, Syd's parents (her dad is one of Bran's co-workers) got a bouncy house and a cotton candy machine.  This year, they got a petting zoo.
That's right, I said petting zoo.  There was a pony, 2 rabbits, 2 chickens, a sheep, and a goat.  Oh, and another pony, for giving rides.  Holy cow.

The girls had a blast!  Naturally, I dressed Elora in her Jessie outfit, because #1: that shirt was Syd's gift to Elora at her birthday party, and #2: what better time to dress as Jessie the Cowgirl than at a party with ponies?

It was just perfect! Elora might have been born in a saddle, she loved it so much.  She rode that pony three times--more even than the birthday girl herself.

Kaylie rode once, and definitely enjoyed it.  She giggled the whole time.  But she was just as happy to pet the bunnies, chase the cat or make friends with the goat, so I wasn't worried about her getting a second turn.

When it was time for the animals to leave, Sydney's mom broke out the cake and ice cream.  The rest of the party was pretty tame, but still a lot of fun.  Except for this part.

Kaylie and I were petting the little brown pony, and I stood up because she's was getting cranky.  I hit my head on a square metal lantern hanging from the tree; the corner caught me right on the crown of my head.  Brandon had been taking pictures of us and he just happened to push the button at exactly the right moment.  Hitting my head sucked, but the picture is pretty awesome.  Or am I just weird? 

Oh wow, lots of pictures of Kaylie.  I didn't realize that I had so many of her.  But I guess that since Elora spent so much time running around with the other kids, and I had to stick pretty close to Kaylie, it makes sense.

When it was time to go, Elora did not want to leave, even though we were the second-to-last-family to do so.  I had to coax her to say good bye, but she did.  And very sweetly too. 

I wonder what they'll do next year?  Her dad said something about a clown and a Ferris wheel, but he's probably just joking.  Probably.


  1. This party looked like so much fun. The girls are as usual just so super adorable! Kaylie is getting SO BIG! Wasnt she just born. Be more careful with your little head (but I secretly LOVE that you posted the photo).

  2. Oh those girls are getting so big and even more gorgeous!!

    The pic of you hitting your head is painful and funny. Mostly painful.