Sunday, May 20, 2012

Tire Trouble

We have a slow leak in the right front tire on our Ford.  We have to put air in it every few weeks, so when the "low air pressure" light came on, I wasn't too worried.  Until I saw this, on Friday.

See the problem?  Here's the zoom view.

Yeah.  That's a problem.  The bad news is that the tire is unsafe to drive on, and will have to be replaced.  And Brandon was gone.  AND I'd never changed a tire before.  The good news is that Rebekah was with me, and Rebekah has changed a tire!  The guy at Sam's put air in it for me, and we got it back to my house safely.   We put little James in the baby cabana, plunked the girls in front of the TV, and put our Big Girl pants on.  

I had a handle on Tire Changing Theory.  My dad showed me what to do when I was a teenager, but I'm so spoiled that I've never actually had to do it.  Rebekah walked me through the execution of said theory, filling in the gaps in my knowledge.  Like, I didn't know that there was a certain place for the jack (indicated on my car by a handy arrow).  Rebekah walked me through it, and for the most part, I did it myself.  She did have to help me get to donut on, and she had to help me wrestle the ruined tire into the back of the car.  

I'm sure I could have figured it out on my own, and I probably could have managed the donut and I could have just rolled the tire into the garage, but I didn't have to.  Thank God for friends, especially friends as wonderful as Rebekah.  Thanks, lady.

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  1. So glad you had a friend there. It just makes it more fun. I had to change a tire once. I did not like it.